My Groundhog Year

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“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP…” It is my first day of sophomore year. A new school year means: new classes, new friends, new hobbies and new opportunities. Or so I thought…


It turns out it was my Groundhog year! 


The year started when I moved back into Selleck. I became great friends with my previous roommate, so we lived together again on the same floor, in the same hallway, with the same view of the Union greenspace. Oh, and the same-shared bathroom! [toilet flush]


My first day of classes gave me Deja-Vu. Each of my ACE-class instructors went over their syllabus and spent 20 minutes talking about CAPS and the Writing Center. As a Freshman, these classes were informative and an easy transition into University, but now, as a sophomore, I was eager for classes more relevant to my major.


Tuesday night was for my college church group and Wednesday night I took the campus shuttle to Omaha so that I could play drums for my old Youth Group. I always air drummed while on the shuttle to get in some last-minute practice, I know it was annoying to the people around me. I did it anyway! “Would you keep it down?” [crash cymbal]. Overall, it was a nice break before having to play catch-up with my homework on Thursday. 


I was excited when Friday came around. I would be able to film new episodes for my YouTube channel, Off Topic Vlogs. My friend Eric and I started it freshman year, and we left our Friday afternoons open, for filming. 


“Hey guys, welcome back to Off Topic!” “Boy do I need a new intro…” 


Saturday, I worked at Hy-Vee, and then Sunday was for church and catching-up on homework.


One week down, 31 to go. [dun dun dun!!!]


Lectures, church, drums, catch-up, YouTube, work, church, catch-up. “Sigh!” 


Classes, church, drums, homework, “hey-guys,” HyVee, church, homework. “Phew!”


Courses, church, “bud-ump-chish,” classwork, YouTube, “Did you find everything you were looking for,” church, classwork. “Ugh!”


Even Christmas break was the same, going back to Omaha and spending much of my time working at HyVee. “Have a good one!” “Happy Holidays!”


The spring semester was also monotonous. I was stuck in a prison of routine.


Lectures, [church bells], drums, catch-up, YouTube, work, [church bells], catch-up. “Sigh!” 


Classes, [church choir], [cow bell], homework, “hey-guys,” HyVee, [church choir], homework. “Phew!”


Lectures, church, drums, catch-up, YouTube, work, church, catch-up. “Ugh!”



             My sophomore slump was mundane, wishing for something new. Instead of appreciating the great life I had, I was impatiently waiting for the next stage. However, I was given a rude awakening when COVID-19 hit. I definitely got something new with that, but it was not exactly what I was looking for. Looking back, I realize that my sophomore year was a lot better than I thought.


Be careful what you wish for, because your wish may be granted. Learn to appreciate what you have and strive to be a blessing toward others, rather than feeling stuck routine. This was my groundhog year, one of many to follow, and I am so happy to have experienced it!


Written by: Jackson Atwell

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