Journey with No Car

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Should you expect getting a car by your 16th birthday or around there? I assume the answer is yes. But not everyone gets a car by that age. I didn’t! I’m a sophomore in college and I still do not have a car.


You may have noticed a girl on campus riding a black hoverboard around. Yeah, that is me. That is my “car” for now. People say that it’s my “mini car.” I’ve seen videos of people riding their hoverboard to a drive through. I would like to do that but I think now I would probably get in trouble. 


On the bright side, I don’t have to fill it with gas or scrape my windshield in the winter…but it sure limits the number of passengers. I mean I can fit one person with me on the hoverboard, but we’re most likely to fall on our faces. 


The only time I get out of my apartment is if my boyfriend comes to see me. My sister lives with me but she’s busy. Those people are my rides to the freedom of the apartment I live in. 


I can imagine myself in my car saying “vroom vroom.” I know that seems like a child would do but I have a child-like personality. While I drive in my new car, I would choose the music I would listen to. My sister always took over the music and I rarely got to play music. When she rides in my car I am the only one who will get to play music.


Knowing my sister Leslie that would probably never happen. With my boyfriend’s car I always get to play music because he loves my music. Ours is the same type of music. 


It sucks how I can’t drive anywhere where I want to go though. Either my boyfriend or sister is my ride but not all the time. My sister works and my boyfriend isn’t from Lincoln. 


Worst of all, since I don’t have a car. I barely have driving experience. My sister rarely lets me drive her car and I drive my boyfriend’s car only at home because I’m scared to drive in Lincoln. I got my license when I was 18. I know, it’s sad. 


I’ve been waiting for a car for years, which is a lesson in patience. But..


I won’t have to wait anymore!  Well, hopefully. These past few months the dealership has been postponing my car a lot. First it was October, then November and now December. They told me one time a person had to wait a year for their car! I can’t even imagine that would be me!


Everyone in my hometown knows I still don’t even have a car. Even my old teachers and coaches because they even teased me with not having a car. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see my new car. When it comes. If it comes. 


Goodbye mini car and hello brand new car!


Written by: Priscila Castaneda

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