Shifting Gears

Shifting gears   I went from lugging 80lb wire spools up to the 4th floor of a new apartment complex, pale from inhaling wood shavings, to carrying a 5lb backpack and going to class in 68 degree air conditioning. The change has been drastic.    Back in the day:                                            […]

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A person sitting on a low stone wall in front of the mountains


What Dreams are Made of

One of my earliest childhood memories was watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie on Disney. I loved to imagine myself a little bit older, in Italy. I held onto that dream for years, until I found out that people can actually pay to learn while studying abroad, and I knew that dream can become a reality. I spent years saving up and figuring out a plan. I was going no matter […]

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Nebraska Football player speaks to media member at podium during a postgame press conference


Alone on Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving morning. I’m sitting alone in my four-bedroom apartment, not a soul in sight. Pretty sad, huh? Only 19 years old, already spending the holidays by myself 500 miles away from home. It’s okay though. I'm doing my best Thanksgiving impression, minus the family part. I’m still glued to the couch watching football. I do that every year, just ask my mom. I’m making myself a nice four-course meal […]

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Mask On, Mask Off

"It was the best of times and the worst of times." - Charles Dickens This perfectly describes my sophomore year experience at UNL.  I moved into the dorms as a freshman during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, excited for my first year of college and living on my own. However, the pandemic continued throughout the year and I lost motivation for school with online classes and minimal human […]

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Sophomore Slump

Too Much on Your Plate

“Always say ‘yes’ to any opportunity you get.” “You miss all the shots you don’t take.” “Go through the door before it closes.” That advice has been plastered everywhere: from my parents to career advice conferences to that motivational poster with the cat saying “hang in there.” It is a mentality I have adopted and have thrived because of it. Letting my curiosity take me for a joyride and step […]

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My mini car.


Journey with No Car

Should you expect getting a car by your 16th birthday or around there? I assume the answer is yes. But not everyone gets a car by that age. I didn’t! I’m a sophomore in college and I still do not have a car. You may have noticed a girl on campus riding a black hoverboard around. Yeah, that is me. That is my “car” for now. People say that it’s […]

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My Groundhog Year

My groundhog year story Transcript: “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP…” It is my first day of sophomore year. A new school year means: new classes, new friends, new hobbies and new opportunities. Or so I thought…   It turns out it was my Groundhog year!   The year started when I moved back into Selleck. I became great friends with my previous roommate, so we lived together again on the same floor, […]

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Public Inspection File

For help in accessing or navigating the FCC’s Public Inspection File website, call the Commission’s toll-free Customer Service number, 1-877-480-3201 or 1-717-338-2824 (TTY). For information or assistance regarding KRNU’s public inspection files on that site, or for general information about the station, contact the station’s general manager at (402) 472-3054, or via email at [email protected].