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Glad grad, sad grad and back again

Not many people go from being a freshman to a junior, but somehow I’ve managed. How? Well, it takes several things: a summer semester, a year off, a pandemic and some interesting calculations of transfer credits.

todayMarch 10, 2022 12

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My aluminum enemy

My aluminum enemy Nothing has caused me more pain in my life than my 2001 Toyota Camry. Ever since I got it when I was 18-years-old, I have been having problems with this stupid car. From getting stuck in the snow to the battery dying, I am convinced that this car is out to get me. But our feud has only gotten worse since starting my Sophomore year. Since starting the semester, my car has been having battery issues. It […]

todayMarch 10, 2022 17

Public Inspection File

For help in accessing or navigating the FCC’s Public Inspection File website, call the Commission’s toll-free Customer Service number, 1-877-480-3201 or 1-717-338-2824 (TTY). For information or assistance regarding KRNU’s public inspection files on that site, or for general information about the station, contact the station’s general manager at (402) 472-3054, or via email at [email protected]